Friday, August 12, 2016

Keeping a Positive Attitude

Sometimes all we can do is keep a positive outlook, especially in the teaching profession when it comes to things that are completely out of our control.  Maybe your are starting out the school year and you don't have enough desks for all of your students on your roster.  When you look at your roster, you find a student that failed your class last year and even with the 5 other teachers teaching the course, you have that child in your class.  You could be left with a cart instead of a classroom.  Or you could be overwhelmed by all of the above happening all at once (trust me, I am in a similar boat).

But here is the key...just keep positive.  I am upfront with the students that things are not all in place, but that I am here to teach them and together we will make it through the first week together.  Don't let them know about all of your problems, unless they will affect the students in your classroom as a whole.

So we will breath together.  We know that a few weeks later down the road we will feel as if we are on our a-game once again.  The best of luck and resources will be pouring out once again.


  1. I appreciate your post. I am telling myself that no matter what I'm going through, the most important thing is for these sweet littles to have an awesome first days of school, and everything will all shake out eventually. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you Betsy. What a crazy semester this has been. I've taken on the role as the drafting teacher and only have one math class. The course is a repeaters algebra class, so I've repeated a ton of material, but I do have some exciting shares coming again soon. We've been working on the program Aleks as part of a school grant, which leaves me with 2 days of instructional time in the classroom. But I do want to review the product and share some other great resources. I hope you've had a positive year. Mrs. P