Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer is coming to an end

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to focus on some things that seemed to be spiraling out of my control this summer and decided to focus my time and energy into my time with my kids.  What a great break it was.  The time for reflection on where the upcoming year will lead along with a much needed refreshed version of myself.  What breaks did you take to get yourself mentally ready for another yer? 

This year, I can officially announce that I will be teaching drafting and math!  I am thrilled at the chance to teach and integrate both worlds for STEM based lessons.  Algebra will come with more fun activities to blog about along with a new statistics course next semester.  I look forward to sharing many new resources and giving a glimpse into the world of drafting (with a heavy emphasis on architecture).  I get to push the limits of my drafting kids making them think with mathematical reasoning and an artistic twist.  So let's buckle up and get prepared together for a great new year!

Also, side note.  I have picked up baking cupcakes on the side and man is it a blast.  I may post a few recipes every now and then when my math juices are running low.

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  1. Are you willing to share your Algebra 1 assessments? Thanks!